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two cameras

I took the Ricoh GR IIIX and the FujiFilm X-T5 with the XF33/F1.4  with me to San Francisco.  I meant to do most of my shooting with the Ricoh, and the Fuji was along for insurance and last-minute changes of plan that might make it a better pick. As much as I wanted to, I really didn't like shooting with the Ricoh. Lining up a shot through a touch screen, especially in bright light, isn't ideal. I liked some pictures I got, but I often struggled to make out the display, and because I wear polarized sunglasses I found that tilting...

"... what are you doing with that freedom?"

Al and I ran in the Starlight 5k, which let us use our race bibs to get into the Rose Festival city fair for free after watching the Starlight Parade. I love taking pictures of fairs and carnivals at night, and we were on the midway just before the fair shut down for the evening. Usually I'd be there with the fastest lenses and "the good camera," whichever that happens to be when an opportunity presents.  This time, I spent a little time before it was time to head downtown thinking about my choices, and I decided it'd be an interesting...