May 12th, 2024

A little goes a long way

Chinatown, San Francisco
Chinatown, San Francisco

I had some X100V raws from a trip to SF earlier in the year, so I loaded them into X Raw Studio and that gave me a little better idea of how to get what I was hoping for on last night's brief excursion.

The whole exercise sort of reinforced my affection for the Classic Chrome simulation. I'm not entirely sure I'm "doing it right," but it feels easier to layer up from its base—the better to pull things forward—than Velvia, which is a little too much for my tastes. 

It also reminded me I need to revisit a habit I set aside of not doing any edits on a phone. It just makes me do the thing I didn't like about posting stuff on Instagram, back when I was very into that and paying close attention to what went over well there. I already get a little extreme, without a small screen goading me into making things stand out even more.