June 25th, 2024

First Pen F Outing


These are dialed back a little and some are cropped.  I just wanted to see how it would do in the color  mode everyone likes so much. Turned out to be maybe a little hot for my tastes, so next outing I should try something more toned down, or see if I can pull that preset back in. 

Handling notes: 

  • One weird "nose affects focus point" thing with the touch screen. Meh. I just turned the touch screen off. No loss. I never really use them if I have physical controls. 
  • Toggling AF point selection involves "press left on the d-pad" to activate. That is still disorienting and makes me feel slow. 
  • I need to get the hang of the metering on this thing. I tend to use AF point metering on my Fujifilm cameras, but I get the impression I might be better off with center-weighted on this one. 
  • The EVF is plenty bright and sharp. 

Overall, it felt pretty good.