July 9th, 2024

First roll through an Olympus OM-2N


... and my first roll of film in a very long time, for that matter. Since the year before Ben was born and I was shooting with a Minolta Maxxum of some sort: I took it to Yellowstone, liked it fine, but a friend of mine took a Canon PowerShot G2 along on the same trip, so I hid my envy until about a month before Ben was born and went for a G3, and that was the end of my film era — December, 2003.

(I guess, to get all the dates in there, it was the second end of my film era: The first end was some time in 2001, when I got a Canon PowerShot S-something-or-another and sort of hated it. It was fine for snapshots, but I had no real control over anything it did and it took worse pictures than even a Kodak "APS" camera   I had in 1995.)

So ... I haven't shot a roll of 35mm film in 21 years.

I got out of the house over the weekend long enough to do a quick circuit of the neighborhood and put a roll of UltraMax 400 through the OM-2N. I wasn't trying to do much besides validate that the camera was in okay shooting condition, so mission accomplished.

The OM-2N is not the OM-1N. I found the OM-2N through an alert I didn't turn off, and it became available for too little to pass up.  The big advantages of the OM-2N for my day-to-day purposes are:

  • It can take a non-mercury battery without having it converted, using an expensive and short-lived alternative, or getting an MR-9 adapter. 
  • It has an aperture priority mode (and a corresponding exposure compensation dial). 

Now that I have it, I think it is going to be my EDC film camera, just because AP mode is nice to have, and it's got a discrete black body.

Now, please let the temperature go down even as my health goes up so I can get a real shooting outing done.