May 21st, 2024

Let go and let camera

Bright red sign against a blue sky with the words "Public Storage"
Public Storage (Ricoh GRIII X)

Tonight Al and I decided to take a long walk to the corner store. I grabbed the Ricoh GRIIIX on a whim. The first thing I learned is that I have forgotten how its Snap Focus setting works, so back to the manual on that. But I was also curious about how I'd react to anything I took if I refused to change it and just accepted what the camera gave me for tones.

Traffic lights and a yellow pedestrian crossing sign against a blue sky
Traffic lights (Ricoh GRIII X)

Bumping vibrance, contrast, and clarity are pretty much reflexive for me at this point, but I made myself sit on my figurative hands long enough for the urge to pass. Once it had, I did quickly tap the "Auto" button, and sure enough they all popped more, but not in a way that I really wanted or needed, and I untapped it once my curiosity was satisfied. 

Gas pumps in front of a decrepit gas station.
Alsea Falls gas station (Fujfillm X-T5)

I went back and relooked this one from the weekend, which I'd worked over a little,  and then I.got rid of my edits and sat with it for a while. I liked it both ways, but each in a different way. 

I dunno. I'm going to keep this up for a little while. I've got a trip to San Francisco next month, so I'm looking forward to rewalking Chinatown from this point of view.