July 2nd, 2024

Reala Ace on the X-T5


I installed the latest X-T5 firmware update, which includes the new Reala Ace film simulation. From what I've read Reala is more or less Provia, just a little less saturated, and with softer tones than Classic Chrome. Or maybe "Pro Neg High" but with harder tones.

I used Pro Neg High as my default simulation when I shot only raw to give me something that felt very neutral. Turns out Fujifilm thinks Pro Neg High is a few degrees softer and a few degrees less saturated than Provia, which it situates at the center of the tone and saturation spectrums. (There's a good chart of all Fujifilm's simulations, and a discussion of Reala here.) 

I use Classic Chrome most of the time. That chart verifies my instinct about it, which is that it counters my tendency to overdo colors. Or at least I have built up a set of instincts around it that work better with it than some of the other simulations. And I thoroughly indulge my impulses around hard shadows, so it works fine for me. 

So after dinner I went out with the presets I usually have: 

  • Color +2
  • Shadow tone +2
  • Highlight tone -2
  • DR 100
  • Color Chrome/Chrome Blue: Strong
  • Small/weak grain
  • Sharpness -2

... but I stuck the camera in bracket mode and used Reala, Acros (for palate cleansing while reviewing) and Classic Chrome (which is my go-to), then went out looking for strong colors. 

I was wondering if something a little softer but more saturated would work, and I was just curious about the new thing in my camera. 

So, for the kinds of things I usually shoot I prefer the harder tones of Classic Chrome. The yellows and greens of Reala Ace seem brighter.  I like the muted yellows of Classic Chrome more. 

For those daisies at the bottom, I preferred Reala Ace a little bit more. The way it lifted the shadows to show more diffuse tones was kinda nice. I can see using it for hikes and nature.