May 8th, 2024

Rise of the Rangeoids


I read a rumor site that says Canon is doing a fixed-lens Canonet QL revival to compete with Fuji’s X100, and that maybe Leica's next D-Lux will take a similar turn.

After going down the Nikon Zf research rabbit hole it seems like fixed lens rangeoids have a better chance of retaining the design consistency Fujifilm managed with the X100 series than a refactored ILC body. Like, will they toss in an aperture ring? If Canon makes them premium enough to be credible sidekicks for higher-end ILCs, will they risk the interface shear of a pre-PASM design? Or are we just at that point where you tell the design team to  make it look "heritage?"

So I'm curious to see what the tradeoffs and compromises are.

Meanwhile, who knows when that X100VI is gonna get here.  B&H is as helpless before Fujifilm's production pace as I am—that's not on them—but this is the second time I've ordered something popular from them and they're at a scale where they can't do what the guy at Pro Photo Supply was willing to do, which was say "our list is this long, we get about this many at a time at about this interval, no promises." Instead the B&H agent copies and pastes a promise to email a reminder that they are unwilling to even tell you where you're at in line. It's time to decide to forget I even ordered it. If it doesn't get here in time for my next San Francisco trip (it won't, and come to think of it I don't even know what "it" is ... I've already forgotten) the black mist filter I ordered for it will work on the X100V, too. I was just super hoping for IBIS for my next night walk of Chinatown.

Anyhow, DPReview finalized its X100VI review, landing on a "gold"

"As with previous X100 models, it's probably a camera you choose with your heart, not your head."

Yeah, I mostly agree. That same reviewer doubled back around a few days ago to wonder if Fujifilm is overstuffing it.  I can see that, too. Having gone through three of the X100 series, though, I forget what I even do to set one up. With the X100V it just became a two or three session process of remembering to fix this setting or that when something weird happened, and since then I haven't thought about it.