April 21st, 2024

The XF35/1.4

Space Monkey
Space Monkey

The Fujifilm XF35/1.4 was the first lens I bought for my X-T2 in 2016. I love it. I think most Fuji people do. In Portland, it's a six-months-out-of-the-year lens because it's not weather sealed, so I bought the "Fujicron" XF35/2.0 that winter, even though it is not the same at all. 

I have the matching trio of 23mm's, too: The original f1.4, the Fujicron f2, and weather-sealed neo-1.4. 

I've been in a slump with photography for a few months. Just not many changes of scenery, or traveling to familiar places, or feeling in a small rut. I did a little retail therapy yesterday and ordered the newish Fuji XF33/1.4. It was beautiful and sunny out this morning for our walk to breakfast, so I took the 35/1.4 with me. I also broke tradition a little and just pulled SOOC jpegs for this morning's set.